URA the HUD Way

Web-Based Training Course for the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (URA)

This 8-part web-based modular training course provides basic information and resources to HUD grantees and funding recipients on URA requirements for HUD funded projects. Module 1 provides an overview of the URA. Module 2 provides an overview of another Federal law known as Section 104(d), which applies to CDBG and HOME funded projects. Modules 3 through 8 provide greater technical training on various URA topics.

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NOTE: The information presented in this web training is current as of its posting. However, HUD may issue new or updated policies and guidance in the future. Users should always check HUD’s Acquisition & Relocation website for new announcements and updates which could impact the web training material. Users with additional questions on the training material may contact their local HUD Regional Relocation Specialist for further assistance.

Video Introduction to the URA

This animated video provides a brief overview of the URA and is recommended to be viewed prior to commencing the modules below.

Resumen de Ley de Asistencia Uniforme de Reubicación y Políticas de Adquisición de Bienes Raíces de 1970

Este video animado provee una breve visión de conjunto del Acta de Asistencia de Reubicación Uniforme y de La Política de Adquisición de Bienes Raíces (URA, por sus siglas en inglés) y su impacto en los programas y proyectos del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano (HUD, por sus siglas en inglés).

Module 1: URA Overview

Module 1: URA Overview

This module provides a basic overview of URA requirements for HUD programs and projects. It provides a brief history on the URA's purpose and objectives, URA highlights, and helpful information for users to recognize when HUD funded projects may be subject to URA requirements.

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Module 6: Nonresidential Relocation

Module 6: Nonresidental Relocation

When a business must permanently relocate from real property as a direct result of acquisition, rehabilitation, or demolition for a federally funded project – do you know what moves to make?

The URA establishes the provisions for relocation assistance to eligible persons displaced by a federally assisted project. This module addresses nonresidential relocation for businesses, farms, and nonprofit organizations.

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Module 7: Temporary Relocation

Module 7: Temporary Relocation

Temporary relocation due to acquisition, rehabilitation, or demolition for a federally-funded project is subject to the URA. The goals of this module are to understand when temporary relocation is applicable, identify the general HUD requirements and guidance for temporary relocation, recognize the impact of temporary relocation on households and businesses, and describe eligible reimbursable expenses for temporary relocation.

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Coming Soon

  • Module 2: Section 104(d) Overview
  • Module 3: URA Planning and Budgeting
  • Module 4: URA Real Property Acquisition
  • Module 5: URA Residential Relocation
  • Module 8: Recordkeeping, Monitoring, and Corrective Action

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