HUD Service Coodinators in Multifamily Housing Program


Chapter 1: Introduction to the Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing Program Online Learning Tool and Resource Guide

1-1. Purpose of this Online Learning Tool

1-2. HUD’s Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing Program Resource Guide

Chapter 2: Doing the Job of Service Coordination

2-1. The New Service Coordination Model

2-2. Proactive Engagement and Outreach

2-3. Conducting Supportive Services Assessments

2-4. Developing a Property-Wide Profile

2-5. Establishing Partnerships with Community-Based Service Providers

2-6. Making Supportive Services Referrals

2-7. Promoting Advocacy and Education with Residents 2-8. Interfacing with Other Property Staff

Chapter 3: Hiring and Training Service Coordinators

3-1. Recommended Minimum Qualifications for Service Coordinators

3-2. Service Coordinator Training Requirements

3-3. Training in Service Coordination for Other Property Staff

Chapter 4: Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest

4-1. Confidentiality of Resident Information

4-2. Professional Boundaries and Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 5: Files and Records Management

5-1. The Resident File

5-2. The Service Coordinator’s Program File

5-3. Files and Records Maintenance and Retention

Chapter 6: Service Coordinator Funding, Reporting, and Program Monitoring

6-1. Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator Program Funding Sources

6-2. Supportive Services Plans

6-3. Program Reporting

6-4. Monitoring by HUD Staff and Service Coordinator Program Non-Compliance

Chapter 7: Quality Assurance in Service Coordination

7-1. What Is Quality Assurance

7-2. Requirements for a Third-Party Quality Assurance Professional

7-3. Quality Assurance Tasks and Activities

7-4. Quality Assurance Reporting

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HUD Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing Program