Chapter 7. Quality Assurance in Service Coordination

Module 7.1: What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance (QA) is an impartial evaluation by a third-party professional that ensures the fidelity of the Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing program. QA professionals are individuals who are directly hired, or contracted with, by the owner, and may include:

  1. A third-party contractor; or
  2. Staff of an owner or management agent who works in a central or regional office and who does not perform activities routinely assigned to the management agent.

Although an independent third-party professional is preferred, a member of the corporate management team may serve as the QA professional, as long as he/she has the autonomy that allows him or her to conduct an impartial evaluation. QA professionals hired as third-party contractors should not serve as direct supervisors of service coordinators, unless the service coordinators are also employees of the contractor.

QA professionals provide checks and balances to ensure that your service coordinator program is being implemented effectively. They also provide technical assistance and guidance in your role as service coordinator. QA professionals must work to address practices that are not in compliance with program requirements. When these issues are not resolved, the QA professional is obligated to report the findings to the local HUD office.

Watch the video for an overview of the purpose of quality assurance in the service coordinator program.

Funding Quality Assurance

HUD strongly recommends that all multifamily properties with service coordinators include a QA component. For this reason, QA is an allowable program expense, and owners can propose an expense of up to 10 percent of the service coordinator’s salary to provide QA duties. If a QA component was not included in the original grant budget and an increase to the grant amount is needed to cover this new activity, owners must provide written justification for the QA component at time of renewal.  Owners of budget-based awards must work with their local Account Executive to request an increase. Contact information for Multifamily Regional Centers and Satellite Offices is available on HUD’s website.


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1. TRUE or FALSE: To ensure the fidelity of the Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing program, HUD requires that quality assurance (QA) is an impartial evaluation by a qualified professional.

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