Section 3 Final Rule Training

Section 3 is a provision of the HUD Act of 1968 that promotes local economic development, neighborhood economic improvement, and individual self-sufficiency. To the greatest extent possible, Section 3 requires that recipients of certain HUD financial assistance provide job training and employment opportunities to low- or very low-income residents in connection with projects and activities in their neighborhoods.

This training discusses the key changes in the rule including:

  • Focusing on key outcome metrics, such as the sustained employment of individuals in targeted populations
  • Crediting retention of low- and very low-income employees and successful sustained employment in the reporting metrics
  • Aligning Section 3 reporting with standard business practices and payroll tracking methods
  • Allowing for tailored outcome benchmarks for different geographies and/or different projects
  • Reducing reporting requirements for grantees who are meeting outcome benchmarks
  • Integrating Section 3 oversight into the work of the program offices who are in regular contact with the grantees
  • Promoting the newly created portal to connect low- and very low-income people, who need jobs most, with businesses who have Section 3 job opportunities in their area

Training Objectives

This training:

  • Introduces the purpose and scope of Section 3
  • Details the Section 3 final rule and the key changes to the program
  • Identifies administrative and implementation requirements as a result of the Section 3 final rule
  • Describes new Section 3 reporting requirements
  • Identifies relevant resources

Section 3 Final Rule

This rule became effective November 30, 2020. The new Section 3 final rule is designed to improve a focus on economic opportunity outcomes while simultaneously reducing the regulatory burden on those entities that receive those funds.

Training Materials

The following materials are from sessions delivered over a three-day period in 2021 discussing the new Section 3 final rule found at 24 CFR Part 75. During the live sessions, attendees participated in break out sessions to review the accompanying exercises. The breakout sessions were not recorded, however; participants can download the exercises with answer key and review on their own. Upon completion, participants may get credit for the entire training series.

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Day 1

Gain a better understanding of the final rule such as the purpose and goals, key changes, and reporting requirements.

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Day 2

Learn about project planning and implementation such as considerations for hiring eligible and qualified workers and contracting with eligible Section 3 businesses.

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Day 3

Understand Section 3 program oversight, recordkeeping requirements, and how to properly file Section 3 complaints.

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