PHA Board of Commissioners Training

The Public Housing Authority (PHA) Board of Commissioners webinar training series is designed to help board members fully understand their roles and responsibilities, both to the PHA and the residents of housing managed by the PHA. Each module has a brief overview of the public housing and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs before going in-depth on key PHA oversight issues. Modules 1-5 were selected from a series of live presentations. Modules 6-8 were pre-recorded. The pre-recorded sessions provide more details on issues that were not covered as thoroughly in the live presentations.

An independent consultant developed this series of trainings to provide virtual guidance to board members of PHAs in North Carolina and South Carolina. The field office later decided to make the trainings available to all PHAs in the southern region. The series is an expansion of HUD’s Lead the Way training and may supplement that training.

Module 1: Board Roles and Responsibilities

This module provides an overview of the role and functions of the Board of Commissioners and the basics of public housing and HCV programs.

Module 2: PHA Budget and Finance

This module describes the purpose of PHA budgets and the operating budget process, and the board’s role in financial oversight and reporting.

Module 3: PHA Plan, Capital Fund, and Strategic Planning

This module covers the PHA Plan, Capital Fund, and strategic planning to help board members understand the board’s role relative to the PHA Plan and its basic components.

Module 4: Procurement

This module describes the board’s role in the PHA procurement process and federal and PHA procurement regulations and guidelines.

Module 5: PHA Performance Monitoring and Risk Management

This module focuses on the ways boards can best monitor and track the performance of their PHA including various possible oversight reports.

Module 6: Overview of the LIPH Program and ACOP

This module provides more detail about the Low-Income Public Housing (LIPH) program and the Admissions and Continuous Occupancy Plan (ACOP).

Module 7: HCV and Administrative Plan Overview

This module provides more detail into the basic elements of, requirements for, and management of the HCV/Section 8 program and the Administrative Plan.

Module 8: North Carolina/South Carolina Public Housing Laws

This module goes over the basic elements of North Carolina and South Carolina public housing laws and how they differ from federal requirements and from each other.