PHA Asset Repositioning Post-Closing How-To Videos

Welcome to the Public Housing Authority (PHA) Asset Repositioning Post-Closing How-To video series!

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Explain and Discuss

The goal of the video series is to explain and discuss common issues and activities that occur post-repositioning.

Understand Responsibilities

Each video will help PHAs understand their asset management and reporting responsibilities in the project-based voucher (PBV) program following repositioning actions leading to PBVs.

Quick Guidance

Each video in the series provides quick guidance on a specific topic and is about ten minutes long.


How to Apply OCAF for RAD PBV

This video specifically addresses a common issue that occurs after a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) conversion. The video walks you through how to apply the Operating Cost Adjustment Factor (OCAF) to adjust contract rents for RAD PBV units. The video includes a short tutorial on how to use the optional excel-based tool that is available on the RAD Resource Desk.

First Year Funding Overview

This video covers what PHAs should expect with respect to funding in the first full year after a public housing property converts under RAD Component 1 from public housing to PBV. The video discusses the importance of completing and submitting the survey that HUD distributes, in August or September, during the project’s first full year of PBV housing choice voucher (HCV) funding.

Phase-in of Tenant Rents

This video covers the basic requirements that PHAs must follow during a RAD conversion to establish a tenant rent phase-in process. In some circumstances, rents may increase for families when the property converts from public housing to PBV. This video discusses the options PHAs may consider when designing their tenant rent phase-in policy.

Independent Entity Approval Process

This video covers how a PHA requests HUD approval for an Independent Entity (IE). The video discusses the basics of what an IE is, when it is needed, and the functions an IE can perform. The video also reviews how an IE is approved and highlights things PHAs should consider when selecting an IE.

VMS and PIC Reporting

This video will help PHAs understand post-reporting requirements after a RAD conversion as they move from asset management to the HCV program. The video discusses the two HUD systems where PHAs are required to report RAD PBV data – Public Housing Information Center (PIC) and Voucher Management System (VMS).

So, You Had a RAD-PBV Closing. Now What?

This video outlines key post-closing responsibilities that all PHAs must complete after closing a RAD conversion. The video walks through submitting the three-day documents, the final closing docket online, and the Form 50058 End of Participation documents. It also reviews processing Earned Income Verification and dealing with tenant debts, understanding the use of capital funds and operation reserves post-closing, and filling out information to submit on the RAD Completion Certification.

Supporting Resident Organizations

This video explains what resident organizations are and how they are funded. The video outlines what needs to be included in the written agreement and offers guidance on resolving conflict between a resident organization and a project owner.

Grandfathered Tenants

This video outlines the rights and responsibilities of families using PBV as a result of a RAD transaction. The video details the different requirements as it relates to tenant rent for families living at the covered project at the time of RAD conversion, sometimes referred to as “grandfathered tenants.” The video also reviews and compares the tenant rent rules that apply to all families that move into a PBV unit after a grandfathered tenant family leaves the unit.

Do You Need an Independent Entity?

This video focuses on when an Independent Entity (IE) is needed by reviewing the definition of “PHA-Owned” units and when the definition applies. The video then discusses seven scenarios to apply the definition of a “PHA-Owned” unit, reviews when the definition applies, and when a legal opinion is required.

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Choice Mobility and Regular PBV Mobility Rules

This video explains Choice Mobility for RAD-PBV, often referred to as the “family right to move.” The video covers alternative requirements for RAD-PBV, Choice Mobility for RAD-PBRA tenants, the requirements PHAs have to inform residents of their Choice Mobility rights, and presents an overview of how Choice Mobility works for both owners and residents.

PHA Board Review of Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Operating Budgets

This video outlines the key responsibilities of the PHA Board in the year-end review of the operating budget, specifically for the PBV provisions under RAD.

Replacement Reserve Management

This video explains the key requirements for Replacement Reserve accounts with respect to deposits, withdrawals, uses of funds, and reporting. The video outlines the responsibilities project owners have to maintain Replacement Reserves, which are used to fund extraordinary maintenance, repair and replacement of capital items.

Cost Allocation

This video will provide general guidance to PHAs on how to allocate and report costs and maintain records after converting a property from the Public Housing program to Section 8 voucher assistance.