NHSDC Spring 2022 Conference

HUD and the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) sponsored a three-day conference in Minneapolis, MN, with the theme of "Data and Partnerships: Working Together to Change Lives."

March 29, 2022

Understanding the HUD 2024 HMIS Data Standards Process with the Technical Assistance Team

During this session, participants:

  • Reviewed the timeline and process for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 data standard changes and implementation
  • Learned where to locate and how to use existing Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Data Standard resources
  • Provided input and feedback from FY 2022 changes and suggestions on-the-ground

Implementing Effective Contract Negotiation and Relationship Management Strategies 201

This session discussed:

  • How to develop an HMIS contracting strategy that leverages knowledge to produce a legally binding contract that assures a successful HMIS implementation
  • Communities that have undertaken change work and the outcomes obtained
  • A Scope of Work template and a vendor relationship Action Plan to help create change locally

HMIS Project Management and Annual Calendar of Expectations

This session discussed how to:

  • Distinguish project management from other kinds of management
  • Identify HMIS Lead responsibilities as an annual task list (by category) including supporting victim service providers (VSPs) and equity
  • Prioritize HMIS Lead responsibilities according to time of year
  • Develop a more stable, predictable, and efficient HMIS Administration environment

Using Data to Move Racial Equity Conversations Forward

This session discussed:

  • The essential elements of conducting a racial equity analysis
  • How to interpret data to identify racial disparities and identify data quality and collection issues impacting interpretation of the data and how to resolve them
  • How to utilize racial equity data to inform program and system decisions, including how to monitor data on an ongoing basis to ensure progress is being made

March 30, 2022

Workshop: You and Stella - Together Again

During this session, participants:

  • Learned about functionality of new and existing Stella P features
  • Became familiar with the key system performance measures included in Stella P
  • Learned how to use Stella P to inform system performance improvements

How to Spend Down ESG-CV Expiring Funds to Advance Your Data Analysis Efforts

During this session, participants learned:

  • How to evaluate their current Emergency Solutions Grants – CARES Act (ESG-CV) programs and spend-down rates to determine if changes to investments must be made to meet spend-down deadlines
  • How to leverage remaining available ESG-CV funding to enhance your system’s data capacity
  • About the process to include data projects within ESG-CV spending plans

Designing an End to Homelessness with Stella Modeling

During this session, participants:

  • Learned what system modeling is and its benefits
  • Learned how to embed equity practices into a system modeling process
  • Were introduced to Stella M and how inputs and levers impact the results

Understand the Prioritization and Data Connection: Prioritization 101

This session:

  • Defined prioritization and how it is different from assessment
  • Identified data that can be used in prioritization, moving beyond assessment tools
  • Reviewed how and when to evaluate prioritization schemes