NHSDC Fall 2022 Conference

HUD and the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) sponsored a two-day conference in Seattle, WA, with the theme of "Innovate, Integrate, and Motivate."

October 25, 2022

Strategies for Evaluating and Monitoring CE

During this session, participants:

  • Learned HUD requirements and best practices around evaluating and monitoring coordinated entry (CE)
  • Became familiar with examples of CE evaluation and monitoring currently occurring in the field, with an emphasis on how communities are assessing equity in CE systems
  • Learned to assess their own current evaluation and monitoring practices

HMIS Governance 101 Office Hours

During this session, participants:

  • Defined Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Governance and the importance of having an established HMIS governance structure
  • Examined the differences in roles and responsibilities within HMIS governance structures based on community factors
  • Learned about the risk and consequences of under-developed governance structures
  • Identified key decision points when developing or strengthening an HMIS governance model, including the importance of embedding equity

The Future of HMIS

During this session, participants:

  • Identified ways to authentically partner with people with lived expertise in data and performance work to ensure data is meaningfully and effectively mobilized to address inequities
  • Identified how data standards are updated and learned how communities can be involved
  • Learned how to identify support tools and resources for communities to build capacity
  • Learned key focus areas to inform local strategic direction for HMIS

HUD Listening Session

During this session, participants:

  • Learned where to locate and how to use existing HMIS Data Standard resources
  • Discussion was centered on:
    • Person centered data policies and practices
    • HMIS Data and Performance Strategy review and updates
    • HMIS Data and Technical Standards updates
    • CoC and Victim Service Providers (VSP) HMIS and Comparable Database needs