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Learn how to effectively execute financial management for Housing Choice Voucher programs, utilize funding properly and optimally, and reduce compliance risk.

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About this Learning Pathway

This Learning Pathway teaches financial management staff at Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) about the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) funding process, the importance of timely and accurate reporting, and using systems and resources correctly.

Total Estimated Time: 49 hours
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PHA Financial Management Training

This series of 13 training modules is presented as narrated slide shows that also include 8 separate learning activities. Each module and learning activity can be completed independently, with a PDF file available for download that contains direct links to each module and learning activity. Learners should complete all relevant modules and learning activities, then follow the instructions to get credit for the training.

28 hours

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HCV Utilization Training

Review these two self-paced online training modules and watch three recorded webinars for best practices in the financial management of voucher programs and related funding. Learners must complete the knowledge checks in the two online training modules with a score of 80 percent or better to pass, receive credit, and print a certificate.

6 hours 30 minutes

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HCV Two-Year & Other Tools Training Videos

Download this Excel spreadsheet with brief descriptions of 34 "bite-size" training videos related to the HCV Two-Year Projection Tool and other related tools. Click through the included links to watch each video in the order presented. The length of each video is also provided, ranging from 7 to 46 minutes, so learners can determine in advance when and how much time to set aside to complete the series.

11 hours 30 minutes

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Uniform Guidance on Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements Webcast

Review the three sets of Presentation Slides for a comprehensive overview of the Office of Management and Budget's Uniform Guidance on Administrative Requirements, Audit Requirements, and Cost Principles for Federal Financial Assistance.

2 hours 30 minutes

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Form 50058 and Frequently Asked Questions

Briefly explore the HUD Form 50058 web page, noting the related resources, tools, data, reports, updates, and opportunities to learn more. Click through to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Form 50058.

30 minutes

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Reference Materials

HCV financial management teams should download the Form HUD-50058 Family Report, which enters the family/participant data into HUD’s IMS/PIC system. Sections 6 through 17 are specific to income, rent, HAP calculation, and other data that directly contribute to the information entered into the Voucher Management System (VMS).

Form 50058 Materials:

The following links are to additional policy guidance and other relevant financial management and reporting materials that can be accessed on the Housing Voucher Financial Management Division (FMD) and Financial Management Center (FMC) websites.

  • HCV Funding Implementation Notice
  • Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Housing Voucher FMD: The Housing Voucher FMD coordinates and manages funding and financial management activities for the housing voucher and moderate rehabilitation programs. FMD has specific responsibility for budget formulation, resource allocation, and funds control.
  • HCV FMC: The scope of responsibility of the FMC encompasses project-based and tenant-based Section 8 subsidy programs and all financial management activities required for those programs. Financial management activities include the creation of reservations and contracts, the review and approval of budgets, the reconciliation of year-end settlements, the calculation and provision of renewal and amendment funding, the maintenance of funding controls, and the maintenance of electronic financial and programmatic information.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: HCV Forecasting Tool: This file contains step-by-step instructions for using the HCV Two-Year Tool. Visit the HCV Utilization Tools webpage to access current information such as the HCV Monthly Summary and the HCV Two-Year Tool.
  • VMS - Reporting Requirements: Access this website for information on VMS reporting requirements.
  • Form HUD-52681-B Voucher for Payment of Annual Contributions and Operating Statement: Use this link to download the Form HUD-52681-B.
  • VMS User Manual: The VMS supports the information management needs of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) and management functions performed by the FMD and the FMC of Public and Indian Housing and the Real Estate Management Center (PIH-REAC). This system’s primary purpose is to monitor and manage PHA use of vouchers. VMS collects PHA data that enables HUD to fund, obligate, and disburse funding in a timely manner based on actual PHA use.
    • Use the link above to download the VMS User Manual. Also visit the Housing Voucher FMD or HCV FMC websites for updates to the manual, administrative fee rates, and changes to policies and procedures.
  • FDS Submission Upload Tool: The Financial Data Schedule (FDS) Submission Upload Tool is available to all PHAs to upload FDS and Data Collection Form (DCF) information into a draft unaudited FASS-PH submission. (This functionality is not available for an audited submission.) The template will accommodate all programs including the Central Office Cost Center (COCC), Eliminations, and the “Other Project” column; users will be able to add or remove projects and programs based on need. HUD will update the FDS Submission Upload Tool when there are new or modified FDS or DCF line items.
    • Download and save the template offline to practice accurately entering data in the appropriate fields and line items while offline and referencing the User Guide.
  • FDS Submission Upload Tool User Guide: Review this User Guide for information on how to enter data for an unaudited submission into the Excel Upload Template, then upload the template into the FASS-PH system. Access both the tool and manual on the FDS Submission Upload Tool webpage.

The following links are to reading recommended for HCV financial management teams to better understand the regulatory basis for determining income and calculating rent, which are necessary components for calculating housing assistance payments (HAP) in the HCV program.

24 CFR Part 5 (Relevant Excerpts):
24 CFR Part 5 Subparts:

The following links are to reading recommended for HCV financial management teams to better understand the regulatory basis for the HCV funding process, calculation of rent and the HAP, portability billing, and reporting and compliance requirements.

24 CFR Part 982 Subparts:

24 CFR Part 983 is reading recommended for HCV financial management teams to better understand the Project-Based Vouchers (PBV) Program and regulations.

The United States Housing Act of 1937 can help HCV financial management teams better understand the statutory basis of the HCV program.

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