Amended Lead Safe Housing Rule Video Series

This video series is an hour long presentation on the amended Lead Safe Housing Rule (LSHR). It describes Public Housing Agencies' (PHA) responsibilities for responding to cases of elevated blood lead levels (EBLLs) in:

Each program's set of videos includes 3 videos covering:

  • The Basics: introduces the key acronyms, notification requirements, and responsible party for EBLL response
  • Index Unit: describes the requirements for verification, notification, investigation, control and clearance, and ongoing maintenance and reevaluation for the unit in which a child with an EBLL resides (index unit)
  • Other Covered Unit(s): describes the required action steps to be taken in other units covered by the LSHR (other covered units) when a child residing on the property is found to have an EBLL

Additional resources to accompany this training can be accessed via HUD’s Lead-Based Paint Resources for Public Housing Authorities.

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Introduction to the Amended LSHR Video Series - All Programs

This video introduces the dangers and history of lead paint in the environment, and the basic terms and definitions of the LSHR.

Elevated Blood Lead Level (EBLL) Response in Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Units

Elevated Blood Lead Level (EBLL) Response in Project Based Voucher (PBV) Units