HCV Finance Webinar Series

One of HUD’s key goals for 2021 is to increase nationwide leasing in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program by efficiently and effectively budgeting for and using program funds. These webinars are intended to assist public housing authorities (PHAs) with the financial management of their voucher programs and related funding.

Training Instructions

The first two webinars are presented in eLearning format, and includes a Knowledge Check that users must pass to receive credit. Close the window after completing the module. A Print Certificate button will appear on the HUD Exchange Learn training page. Select the button to download a certificate.

The last three webinars will be hosted live, and recordings of the presentations will be available after the live session.

Two people sitting at a table with a calculator and budget documents

Budget and Cost Allocation

This webinar provides information on how to create a budget to successfully administer the HCV program. It includes topics such as: Allowable Sources of Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Funding, Eligible Uses of Funds to Expand the HCV Program, Estimating Administrative Fee Revenue, Cost Allocation, and more.

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HCV VMS and Cash Management: Part 2

VMS and Cash Management

This webinar provides an overview of the Cash Management and Voucher Management System (VMS) Reporting requirements in the HCV Program. It includes topics such as: How HUD uses VMS, Administrative Fees, Annual Budget Authority, and the importance of proper and timely VMS reporting.

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Coming Soon

Best Practices: HCV Administrative Plans

This webinar shares best practices from various PHAs to help other PHAs identify and revise administrative policies and procedures that hinder leasing and administration of their HCV programs, discuss fast and effective search and leasing practices and retention policies, and more.

Managing Competing Priorities with HCV Funding

This webinar provides information to help PHAs set expectations for prioritizing HCV funding to best meet Special Purpose Voucher (SPV) goals with an emphasis on Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) voucher utilization. It includes topics such as How to Prioritize SPV programs in the Voucher Issuance Process, New Award Funding, Recurring Award, Managing Waiting Lists, and more.

Strategically Using Vouchers and Strategies to Prevent Evictions

This webinar provides information to help PHAs understand how they can strategically use their vouchers to address larger, cross-cutting federal and local initiatives. This information will allow PHAs to think more creatively about the use of their vouchers and the role they play in their communities.