Financial Management 201:
A Closer Look

Blueprints for sound financial management

These self-paced training modules cover the following topics: 2CFR Part 200, Cost Principles, Budgeting, Procurement, Internal Controls, Fund Accounting, and Federal Audits.

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Take the Quiz and Provide Feedback

To receive credit for completing the Financial Management 201: A Closer Look Course, you must do the following:

  1. Complete each module in the course.
  2. Take the Completion Quiz.
  3. Complete the Satisfaction Feedback Form (optional).

To access the quiz and provide feedback:

  1. Click the button. You can also access these items by closing the Federal Audit module after completing the module. 
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Access the Quiz and Provide Feedback

Grey gears on a green background

Topics include:

  • The COFAR and origin of 2 CFR Part 200
  • The applicability of 2 CFR Part 200 to grantees and subrecipients
  • The key changes of 2 CFR Part 200 to existing OMB Circulars

Access the 2 CFR Part 200 Module

Grey gears on a teal background

Topics include:

  • Eligible, allowable, reasonable, and allocable costs
  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Importance of appropriately allocating costs
  • Cost allocation plan
  • Various methods of determining indirect cost rates

Access the Cost Principles Module

Grey gears on a yellow background

Topics include:

  • The importance and concepts of budgeting for Federal programs
  • How to effectively use the budgeting process in program planning
  • The process and components of developing a budget
  • Tools for controlling agency expenditures and managing financial performance

Access the Budgeting Module

Grey gears on a red background

Topics include:

  • Regulatory references and their applicability to entities
  • Common ways in which State or local rules may exceed or replace Federal requirements
  • Federal requirements that impact the procurement process
  • Reconciliation of Section 3 regulations and local geographic preferences with Federal procurement regulations

Access the Procurement Module

Grey gears on a pink background

Topics include:

  • The use of internal controls to implement financial management
  • Roles and responsibilities for effective internal controls
  • Typical factors that create effective financial controls
  • Financial controls as an integral part of a financial management system

Access the Internal Controls Module

Grey gears on a light blue background

Topics include:

  • Program-specific financial management requirements and the need for accurate financial reporting
  • How fund accounting helps recipients (sub-recipients) comply with HUD financial management requirements in their day-to-day operations
  • Prevention and reduction of monitoring findings
  • Roles and responsibilities for implementing fund accounting

Access the Fund Accounting Module

Grey gears on a blue background

Topics include:

  • Definition of a 2 CFR Part 200 Subpart F audit
  • Applicability and requirements of Federal audits
  • Role of the OMB Compliance Supplement
  • Submission of Federal audits to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse
  • How the COFAR changed A-133 audits

Access the Federal Audits Module