Getting to Work: A Training Curriculum for HIV/AIDS Service Providers and Housing Providers

The Getting to Work training curriculum assists service providers in understanding HIV/AIDS in the context of employment and the different approaches to helping clients who are ready to work identify and achieve their related goals.

Getting to Work Overview and FAQs

Value of Work Video


This video describes the value of work for people living with HIV/AIDS.

View the Value of Work Video on YouTube.

Getting to Work Training Modules

Getting to Work is divided into three online modules.

To view the modules:

  1. Click the module title.
  2. You will be prompted to either create or log into your HUD Exchange Learn account.
  3. If you need to create an account, Click Create an Account.
  4. Fill out the form, and click the Create Account button.
  5. Your account has been created. You will receive a confirmation email.
  6. After creating an account or logging in, the training will launch in a new window. Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off.

To receive credit for completing each module:

  1. Complete the module. Close the module window. You will be taken to the training page in HUD Exchange Learn.
  2. Take the completion quiz under Activities. Each module has a quiz.
  3. Score 80% or better on the quiz. You may take the quiz multiple times.
  4. After you pass the quiz, you will be able to print a completion certificate on the HUD Exchange Learn page.

Module 1: Understanding the Value of Work

This module is the first in a three-part series. In it, we will explore the many reasons why people living with HIV/AIDS are choosing work, and why service providers should be considering employment options with them.

Module 2: Adopting an Employment and Training Mindset – Organizationally and Individually

This module is the second in a three-part series. In it, we will explore what employment services are and how they can be delivered.

Module 3: Incorporating Employment into the HIV/AIDS Service Menu

This module is the third in a three-part series. In it, we will explore promising strategies for delivering employment services, including cultivating collaborations with key partners.



The name, title, and organizational affiliation of video recorded participants are accurate as of the recording date of May 1, 2014 and may have changed prior to the launch of this curriculum.

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