UnidosUS Training: Foreclosure Prevention Part B

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March 1-21, 2021



This training offers a variety of skills for providing counseling services to clients who have already purchased their homes or are in danger of foreclosure. The training also includes strategies for:

  • Negotiating with servicers
  • Following up with clients after a workout agreement is reached
  • Dealing with an unresponsive servicer
  • Working with a servicer
  • Contacting for workouts

This training highlights the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and National Loss Mitigation Regulations, the process for closing files, and the credit and tax implications of workout agreements. The training also discusses:

  • Implementing and tracking program standards
  • Time management and stress reduction techniques
  • Legal protections against foreclosure and servicer abuses
  • Questions about bankruptcy
  • Disputing servicer errors
  • Service Members Civil Relief Act protections

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For questions about this training, contact UnidosUS at learning@unidosus.org.

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Tags: Housing Counseling Program