UnidosUS Training: Foreclosure Prevention Part A

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August 3-23, 2020



This training offers a variety of skills for providing counseling services to clients who have already purchased their home or are in danger of foreclosure. The training includes:

  • Understanding the mortgage industry and who bears the risk of loss with foreclosed loans
  • Understanding the foreclosure process in different states
  • Triaging and building relationships with clients
  • Understanding different types of mortgage products
  • Reviewing and understanding loan documentation
  • Explaining and documenting client hardship
  • Calculating client income and helping clients with crisis budgeting
  • Creating action plans and prioritizing tasks
  • Determining available loss mitigation options for clients
  • Understanding and applying for Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) modifications
  • Helping the homeowner make realistic choices
  • Reviewing and understanding workout options that do not require bank consent

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For questions about this training, contact UnidosUS at elearning@unidosus.org.

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