Resources and Guidance for Ending Veterans Homelessness Webinar


December 18, 2015 | 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST



This webinar will provide updates from Federal partners and review recently released resources to assist communities with meeting the Federal Criteria and Benchmarks for ending homelessness among Veterans. The recently released resources include a Federal Criteria and Benchmarks Review Tool and a Master List Template and Benchmark Generation Tool.

  • The Federal Criteria and Benchmarks Review Tool can help communities understand their current status relative to each of the Federal criteria and benchmarks. The tool includes a criteria checklist, which breaks down each criterion into constituent aspects for stakeholder review, and a benchmark worksheet. An instruction tab is included and provides additional important clarifications, primarily concerning benchmarks A and B. The tool is designed to help identify remaining gaps to resolve prior to seeking Federal review.
  • The Master List Template and Benchmark Generation Tool includes a "by-name" Master List template that can be used as-is or be used to help communities identify data to include in a by-name, master list. The template includes all data fields necessary to measure each of the four Federal benchmarks, as well as other fields to support tracking, case conferencing, and rapid movement to permanent housing. The resource also includes Benchmark Generation Tool, which uses data from the Master List template to automatically calculate the benchmarks. An instruction tab is included that provides guidance for how to use the tools and programming logic for the benchmarks.

Participation Instructions:

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Event number: 668 575 060 | Event password: veteran

Audio conference: US Toll 1-650-3207 | Audio conference access code: 668 575 060

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The Federal Partners, including HUD, USICH, and the VA

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