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Overview of the Assessment of Fair Housing Webcast

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March 24, 2016



This webcast, published March 24, 2016, provides an overview of the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) including key concepts.

Participants will learn about:

  • Fair housing issues
  • Identifying contributing factors
  • Using HUD-provided data and local data and local knowledge
  • Linking the AFH to subsequent planning processes.

To access other resources and training material related to AFFH, please visit the main page for all AFFH resources and training material.

The webinar is available in its entirety by clicking above. Because the webinar is long, you may also choose to watch the one or more of the six parts below.

Part 1 Introduction: Key Terms, Introduction to Case Study, and Introduction to Content of the AFH (31:22)

Part 2 Fair Housing Analysis: Demographic Summary, Segregation/Integration (22:41)

Part 3 Fair Housing Analysis: Racially and Ethnically Concentrated Areas of Poverty (R/ECAPs) and Disparities in Access to Opportunity (24:18)

Part 4 Fair Housing Analysis: Disproportionate Housing Needs and Publicly Supported Housing (28:19)

Part 5 Fair Housing Analysis: Disability and Access and Fair Housing Enforcement, Outreach Capacity, and Resources (20:19)

Part 6 Fair Housing Goals: Fair Housing Goals and Priorities (16:19)

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