NSC Training: Pre-Purchase Counseling Training

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March 2-4, 2021



This training is designed to equip housing counselors with the skills required to provide comprehensive counseling for homebuyers through the homebuying process and long-term sustainability of the home. Housing counselors learn the principles of pre-purchase counseling including assessing homeownership readiness, affordability, budgeting, savings, credit counseling, and debt counseling. Housing counselors also learn how to educate their clients on creating and maintaining a realistic budget that includes real expenses, debts, and income.

The training covers how to:

  • Identify and present opportunities to improve client's financial management including increasing their savings needed to buy a home
  • Help clients maintain good credit and manage and reduce debts
  • Identify predatory and discriminatory lending practices
  • Identify resources available for down payment assistance

The training also covers financing options available for low-to-moderate income borrowers.

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For questions about this training, contact NSC at services@naca.com or 425-602-6222.

Hosted By:

National Stabilization Corporation (NSC)

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