Lead the Way Training Resources, Guides, and PowerPoint Slides

Lead the Way is a free, online self-paced training to help Public Housing Agency (PHA) boards and staff fulfill their responsibilities in providing effective governance and oversight.

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Training Resources

In addition to Lead the Way, HUD is offering various supporting resources that you can use to accompany and supplement the curriculum. In this Training Resources section you will find quick references and handouts to support Lead the Way. Additionally, this section contains links to other existing HUD training resources such as those found on the HUD YouTube Channel.

Quick Reference Documents

These documents outline the need-to-know information for each section. Print them as a reference tool and keep with you.


You can complete the following worksheets on your own or as a group. These worksheets will help you better know your PHA and your fellow Board Members.


Go deeper into the information and learn more about the issues important to your PHA.

Story-Led Activities

Some of the sections in Lead the Way share stores about fictional PHAs to help you apply what you learned. If you would like to complete these activities as a group, download and print the following documents, read the stories together, and answer the questions. An answer key is included with each activity.

HUD PHA Board Training Videos

If you would like to watch videos of HUD experts discussing the topics reviewed in Lead the Way, you can access them via YouTube to supplement your learning.

Training Guides and PowerPoint Slides

This training is for all staff members of a public housing agency particularly those with any financial management responsibility. Typically this includes the Executive Director or the CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer of administrator, other executive staff, and program heads. This training should be completed over the course of five days. Sample agendas for each day are provided for your reference. The goal of this training is to provide staff with essential financial management and oversight information, in a format that is group-based, PHA-directed, and successful without an external facilitator or trainer. Training guides and PowerPoint slides for each day are included below.

Curriculum Guide

Day One - 2013 An Introduction to Financial Management PowerPoint Presentation

Day Two - 2013 Internal Controls and Financial Management PowerPoint Presentation

Day Three - 2013 Financial Performance Monitoring PowerPoint Presentation

Day Four - 2013 Project-Based Budget Development and Analysis PowerPoint Presentation

Day Five - 2013 Capital Fund Planning, Implementation, and Reporting PowerPoint Presentation