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FSS Webinar: Launching a Multifamily FSS Program


October 11, 2016



Designed to introduce Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) to owners and staff of HUD-Assisted Multifamily Properties, this webinar will provide a basic overview of the Multifamily FSS program. During the webinar, Jeffrey Lubell and Melissa Vandawalker of Abt Associates review the basic components of the FSS program and Aaron Gornstein, President and CEO of Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc., and Debbie Nutter, President of The Caleb Group, discuss why they offer FSS to residents of their properties. At the conclusion of the webinar, HUD's Danielle Garcia and Carissa Janis answer questions about how the FSS program works for multifamily properties.


Tags: FSS Mutifamily FSS

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