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Implementing NSP2 in the Framework of CDBG Requirements and NSP2 Consortia Funding Agreements Webinar


March 25, 2010



This webinar hosted on March 25, 2010 is intended for NSP-2 grantees seeking information on the operating framework for NSP2 grants including the difference between single entity grantees and consortium members. The presentation also describes how to implement NSP-2 grants, including completing grant agreements, Appendix A, direct deposit form (SF 1199A), and consortium funding agreement as well as reporting in FederalReporting.gov, Recovery Act Management Performance System (RAMPS), and Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR). Additionally, the presentation explains compensation for single entity grantees and consortium members, including detailed information on program administrative costs, activity delivery costs, cost allocation, direct and indirect costs, and developer fees.

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Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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