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Housing Counseling Webinar: FY2015 Grant Financial Reporting and SF-425 Review


November 10, 2015



This training, published November 10, 2015, presented by Booth Management and HUD, includes a detailed look at all of the financial grant reporting required under the HUD housing counseling grant agreement including preparing the quarterly report, Standard Form 425 (SF-425) for State Housing Finance Agencies (SHFAs), Multi-State Organizations (MSOs) and Intermediaries, the final report for Local Housing Counseling Agencies (LHCAs), and properly accounting for the grant in the organization's general ledger on an accrual basis of accounting.

They review the composition of the Federal Financial Reports (SF-425), how this form should be completed; the meaning of each item described in it; and when and how often it needs to be completed and submitted to the grantees cognizant agency. They conduct a detailed look at the various components of the quarterly reports as required in the NOFA. They explain what each of the required documents mean and provide examples. In addition, the trainers talk about the issues found in previous reviews related to the quarterly reports.

Finally they review the requirement for the grant to be maintained on an accrual basis of accounting in the grantee's accounting system.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Tags: Housing Counseling Program

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