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Housing Counseling Webinar: FHA Connection Application Process to Become a HUD-Certified Counselor

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July 20, 2017 | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT



This webinar, published on July 20, 2017, covers the application process for HUD Certification. To meet the eligibility requirements to become a HUD certified housing counselor, a counselor must pass the HUD Housing Counseling Certification written examination and work for an agency approved to participate in HUD's Housing Counseling Program. Once a counselor has taken and passed the written examination, the next step for a counselor is to apply for certification in the FHA Connection. The agency must have an application coordinator that will validate a counselor's employment at a HUD-approved housing counseling agency through the FHA Connection. This webinar will provide instructions for both counselors to apply for certification and for agency application coordinators who will validate counselor's employment in FHA Connection.

For more information about the application process and step-by-step instructions, view the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Application Process page on the HUD Exchange.

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