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Housing Counseling Webinar: Certification Rule: PIH and Housing Choice Voucher Programs


January 21, 2020 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST



This webinar, published January 21, 2020, provided an overview of the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Rule.

This webinar reviewed how the rule applies to the following home ownership and rental housing counseling programs:

  • Family Self Sufficiency (FSS)
  • Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)
  • Housing Choice Vouchers
  • Other Public Housing programs where home ownership and rental housing counseling may be offered

The webinar provided grantees of these programs the options for participation, such as finding a housing counseling agency or participating directly. Finally, a number of Certification Rule resources that are available on the HUD Exchange were covered during the webinar.

HUD's Housing Counseling Program

Tags: FSS HCV Housing Counseling Program Public Housing and Voucher Programs ROSS

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