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HOPWA Webinar Series: Using IDIS for the HOPWA Competitive Grant Program Webinar


July 18, 2012



Welcome to the online training page for HOPWA competitive grantees transitioning from the Voice Response System (VRS) to the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). This webpage includes training materials to help HOPWA competitive grantees learn to use the IDIS system for financial disbursements and performance reporting. The training materials on this page are recommended for grantee staff responsible for financial and programmatic oversight of the HOPWA grant including setting up projects and activities, reporting on outcomes, submitting reimbursement requests, and approving reimbursement requests.

Please Note:

  • At the start of each grant renewal, each HOPWA Competitive Grantee will be provided with further information about the steps necessary to apply for IDIS accounts and passwords.

  • Competitive grantees must access these training materials upon notification from HUD that they are scheduled to transition to using IDIS.

Using IDIS for the HOPWA Competitive Grant Program Webinar and Slides - Part 1

Note: HOPWA competitive grantees that are cities or units of local government may find this presentation on the Consolidated Plan useful. HOPWA competitive grantees that are nonprofits are not required to undertake the Consolidated Plan process directly.

Using IDIS for the HOPWA Competitive Grant Program Webinar and Slides - Part 2

Important Note: Users with access to the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Server may use the exercises to practice using IDIS in UAT. Grantees should NOT use these exercises in the live IDIS environment.

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