HUD sponsored

HOPWA Program COVID-19 Updates – CARES Act and Waiver Flexibilities Webinar


April 13, 2020 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT



The Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH) hosted a webinar for Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) grantees and project sponsors related to COVID-19. OHH staff and Technical Assistance (TA) Providers provided information and answered participant questions related to COVID-19 planning and response.

Topics included:

  • Regulatory waiver flexibility for COVID-19 response – how grantees can access and apply it to their programs
  • Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act – what it means for grantees, and OHH’s process and timeline for implementation
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please note, there is new guidance related to CARES Act grant agreements (slide 26). The new guidance is as follows:

Competitive Grantees Formula Grantees

Prior to executing a grant agreement, each HOPWA competitive grantee is expected to submit to their respective Field Office a brief description of planned uses for the supplemental grant funds.

This brief description should be one or two pages long and list the type and amount of each eligible activity the grantee anticipates undertaking with the funding, a description of the process that will take place to carry out the work quickly, and a description of how eligible households will access the assistance during any period of time the grantee’s main operations are closed due to public health official guidance.

Each grantee must also include a completed HOPWA budget form HUD-40110-B and completed forms SF-424 and SF-424D in its submission.

In order to use the CARES Act funding, you must amend your Annual Action Plan and you may also have to amend your Consolidated Plan to accommodate the new funds in the community.

  • Required attachments: SF-424, SF-424D, the certifications at 24 CFR 91.225(a) and (e) or 24 CFR 91.325(a) and (e)

New 2020 Projects must be created solely for HOPWA CARES Act funding (even if amending 2019 AAP). Project descriptions should include budget and proposed household count by eligible activity. If you are planning to add new activities with your CARES Act funding, you must do so during this amendment process.

If you are planning to exercise any waivers listed in the Memorandum issued April 1, 2020, including the Con Plan waivers, you must inform your Field Office’s CPD Director, per the instructions in the Memorandum.

If you have notified the FO that you are using the Con Plan Waivers: You will need to determine, document, and follow your “reasonable notice” to the public about the substantial amendment to your Con Plan and Action Plan. Once the notice is given, then you will begin the not-less-than 5-day comment period. You will respond to any public comments and then submit your Con Plan for approval.

The Consolidated Plan amendment process must be completed before the CARES Act grant agreement is executed.