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Financial Management 201: HOME Online Module


This module provides an overview of HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) financial management. Topics include:

  • The importance of financial management when administering HOME fundsĀ 
  • How the Federal financial management standards relate to the HOME Program
  • Those areas where the HOME Final Rule specifies financial management requirements that supersede or augment the Uniform Administrative Requirements
  • Links and references for further study

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Access the Financial Management Curriculum

This module is part of the Financial Management Curriculum which is intended to assist grantees and subrecipients to comply with federal grant requirements, increase effectiveness, and maximize efficiency.

The Curriculum consists of:

  1. Financial Management 101: Introduction
  2. Financial Management 201: A Closer Look
  3. Financial Management 201: Examining the Parts

View the Financial Management Curriculum to access all modules, completion quizzes, and feedback forms.

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