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EPC Incentives Management Training


November 10, 2021



The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) Incentives Management Training consists of eight vignette training videos developed by HUD's Energy Branch of the Public Housing Financial Management Division. These videos assist Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) with an EPC to develop the knowledge and skillsets needed to better understand EPCs and review and request various EPC incentives on Form HUD-52722 and 52723 during the annual Operating Fund Grant (OpFund) process.

Understanding the Measurement & Verification (M&V) Process

This training video explains how to measure and verify EPC savings, discusses the key information and documents involved in the Measurement & Verification (M&V) process, and provides instructions on calculating savings for various M&V options.

How Do Baseline Adjustments Affect My Subsidy?

This training video explains how a utility baseline is established, discusses different types of baseline adjustments and what is allowed by HUD, and covers examples of baseline adjustments.

What are Eligible Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Project Costs?

This training video explains eligible project costs for an EPC, the importance of project costs in an EPC, and how to calculate and allocate project costs as part of the M&V process.

How Do I Determine Frozen Rolling Base (FRB) Savings?

This training video defines the Frozen Rolling Base (FRB) incentive and explains how to calculate and request the FRB incentive.

How Do I Determine Resident Paid Utilities (RPU) Savings?

This training video defines the Resident Paid Utilities (RPU) incentive, explains how the RPU incentive can be used in an EPC, and provides example calculations for determining savings for RPU in the M&V process.

How Do I Determine Add-On Subsidy (AOS) Savings?

This training video defines the Add-On Subsidy (AOS) incentive, discusses the different types of M&V (Option A and Option C) which can be used to determine AOS savings, and explains how to calculate the lesser of project costs/savings and request the AOS incentive.

How Does the 75 Percent Rule Impact Savings?

This training video explains the regulatory basis of the 75 percent rule, how it applies to an EPC in relation to the FRB and RPU incentives, and how to minimize HUD recapture from the 75 percent rule through proper calculation of project costs/savings associated with these incentives.

What is Cross-Subsidization of EPC Incentives?

This training video explains the concept of cross-subsidization and how EPC incentives can work together to minimize HUD recapture and maximize EPC project performance.


Tags: Public Housing and Voucher Programs

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