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Collateral Damage: The Consequences of Racial Bias in the Residential Appraisal Process


May 19, 2021 | 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM EDT




"There's been a reckoning of sorts in terms of looking at how property is valued in the intrinsic value of whiteness and blackness in these processes."

Dr. Andre Perry, Senior Fellow of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute

Stories of bias in the appraisal process have raised the question about how far the United States has yet to go to ensure that everyone can access housing and lending markets free from discrimination. Respectively, the average Black and Latino family has just one-tenth and one-eighth of the wealth of the average White family, much of which is related to home equity. According to researchers and anecdotal evidence, there are stark differences in how properties owned by people of color are valued compared to those owned by Whites. If appraisal bias goes unaddressed, households of color will never be able to reach economic parity with White households.

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) partnered with the National Fair Housing Training Academy (NFHTA) to host a public forum that explored how fair housing laws can be used to challenge discriminatory appraisals and help build wealth in communities of color. Nearly 600 fair housing partners joined us in this critical conversation.


  1. Welcome from Cashauna Hill, Executive Director of the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, and introduction of panelists:
    • Peter Christensen, General Counsel, LIA Administrators & Insurance Services
    • Andre Perry, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institute
    • Lisa Rice, President and CEO, NFHA
    • Jillian White, Head of Collateral,
  2. Presentation and discussion by panelists on:
    • Appraiser-specific standards and laws regarding discrimination
    • Historical effects of racism on the devaluation of real property in Black communities
    • Methods used to artificially deflate or inflate appraisals and the consequences for Black families
    • Implicit and explicit bias evidenced in some appraisals
  3. Question and answer session co-moderated by Ms. Hill and Robert Doles, Director of the Office of Systemic Investigation at the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

A video of the forum has been posted on this page, along with a transcript of the conversation and a robust resources list for your continued reference.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history of appraisal valuations in communities of color and its impact on those residents and communities.
  • Understand the Fair Housing Act's provisions for non-discriminatory appraisals of dwellings.
  • Identify how discrimination may occur in the appraisal valuation process.
  • Explain the impact of discriminatory appraisals on generational wealth.
  • Identify the methods by which a discriminatory appraisal may be challenged.


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Moderator and Panelist Bios

Robert Doles

Robert Doles

Director, Office of Systemic Investigations


Cashaunda Hill

Cashauna Hill

Executive Director
Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center


Lisa Rice

Lisa Rice

President and CEO
National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA)


Andre M. Perry

Andre M. Perry

Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program
Brookings Institute


Peter Christensen

Peter Christensen

General Counsel
LIA Administrators & Insurance Services


Jillian White

Jillian White

Head of Collateral


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