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CoCs and Con Plan Jurisdictions: Collaborating to Reduce Homelessness Video

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March 07, 2017



This video, released March 2017, focuses on the purpose and benefits of collaboration between Continuums of Care (CoC) and Con Plan Jurisdictions. Participants will learn:

  • Collaboration-related responsibilities of CoCs and Con Plan Jurisdictions,
  • The significance of coordinated entry, written standards, performance measurement and strategic resource allocation in facilitating collaboration,
  • Benefits of collaboration, and
  • How collaboration contributes to success in reducing the length and incidence of homelessness.

This video is intended for CoC leadership as well as Con Plan Jurisdiction staff involved in developing the Consolidated Plan or administering Emergency Solutions Grant funds. This video builds upon concepts from the Coordination and Collaboration for CoCs and Con Plan Jurisdictions Guidebook and Video published in April 2016.

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