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CoC System Performance Measures Videos


October 14, 2015



These videos provide Continuum of Care (CoC) recipients and subrecipients with an overview of the system performance measures that are based on the requirements first laid out in the 2009 HEARTH Act.

Participants will learn about the following system performance measures:

  • System Performance Measure #1: Length of Time Persons Remain Homeless
  • System Performance Measure #2: The Extent to Which Persons who Exit Homelessness Return to Homelessness
  • System Performance Measure #3: Number of Homeless Persons
  • System Performance Measure #4: Employment and Income Growth for Homeless Persons in CoC Program-funded Projects
  • System Performance Measure #5: Number of Persons who Become Homeless for the First Time
  • System Performance Measure #6: Homelessness Prevention and Housing Placement of Persons Defined by Category 3 of HUD's Homeless Definition in CoC Program-funded Projects
  • System Performance Measure #7: Successful Placement from Street Outreach & Successful Placement in Retention of Permanent Housing

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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