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CoC Program Start Up Training Webinars for FY 2013 Funds


February 06, 2015



The purpose of this training is to assist recipients and subrecipients of Continuum of Care (CoC) Program funds awarded under the CoC Program interim rule (24 CFR part 578) to gain an understanding of the requirements and responsibilities related to operations and grant administration. This training applies to projects awarded with FY 2013 funds under the FY 2013/FY 2014 CoC Program Competition and any future competitions awarded under the interim rule.

Participants will learn:

  • To identify the five CoC Program components and the eligible costs under each component.
  • To explain how to determine participant eligibility and document homeless and disability status.
  • To describe match, recordkeeping, monitoring and property requirements.

Presenters: Ann Oliva, Ebony Rankin, Lisa Coffman, Robert Waters, Karen DeBlasio, Brian Fitzmaurice, and Justin Brock

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Tags: CoC

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