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CNA e-Tool Version 3.0 Webinar: Getting Started - Session 1


HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing Programs is hosting a two-part webinar series to introduce the new CNA e-Tool version 3.0.

Part 1: The Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) Getting Started webinar provided information on getting ready to use the new CNA e-Tool, version 3.0, including obtaining access to HUD's Secure Systems platform and log-in credentials, and migrating data from in-progress CNAs from the legacy, Excel-based system to version 3.0. The webinar also covered types of users and the "read," "write," and "submit" rights each user type has within the new system.

Prior to viewing the webinar recording, we ask that you please review the Company Coordinator's Role tutorial.

Training Objectives

Participants learned how to:

  • Obtain access to version 3.0 through HUD's Secure Systems platform
  • Migrate data from in-process CNA spreadsheets to version 3.0
  • Understand the types of users and user rights within the new system

Who Should Attend?

These webinars were intended for all current and future users of the CNA e-Tool. This includes lenders, needs assessors, Participating Administrative Entities (PAEs), and Public Housing Authorities (PHAs).

Note: Each session within a webinar topic will cover the same content. You should only view one session under each webinar topic.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

CNA e-Tool Version 3.0 Registrar | trainings@hudexchange.info

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