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CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT Grantee-Led Sessions


March 30 - April 1, 2021



The Disaster Recovery and Special Issues Division (DRSI) hosted a series of grantee-led virtual training sessions for Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) and Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) grantees. DRSI identified a diverse group of grantees from across the country who provided brief presentations on their experiences as well as insights across a variety of hot topic issues. A large portion of each session was set aside for question and answer segments between grantees.

These nine grantee-led sessions were the first component of a comprehensive 2021 CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT Virtual Training Series hosted by DRSI.

Training Objectives


  • Learned from experienced program administrators from across the country about best practices and effective solutions to challenges
  • Gained an understanding of useful approaches and strategies which can inform implementation of their own CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT programs

Who Should Attend?

These grantee-led sessions were intended for all CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT grantees. As space permitted, partners such as subrecipients and developers also attended.

Planning and Implementing Buyouts: Pre- and Post-Disaster

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Managing and Improving Performance of Subrecipients/Subgrantees

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Cross-Agency Coordination for Mitigation Needs Assessment and MIT Action Plan Development

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Challenges and Opportunities when Developing an Affordable Housing Program

Recording | Slides | Transcript

How to Run a CDBG-DR Program under $50 Million

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Information System Evolution: Key Elements Added Over Time

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Public Communications Corner: Addressing Disaster Recovery Timelines

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Creating Effective RFPs/RFQs: Procurement Pro Tips!

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Overcoming the Biggest Challenges with FEMA Match

Recording | Slides | Transcript

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