Building HOME Online Training Details & Instructions

Who Should Take the Training?

This training is relevant to HUD and participating jurisdiction (PJ) staff and partners working with HOME funds including nonprofit and for profit developers, Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs), subrecipients implementing HOME programs, and property managers overseeing HOME funded properties.

New Staff: Learn the basics of HOME, including the regulations and an overview of other federal regulations that apply to HOME.

Experienced Staff: Reinforce your understanding of HOME regulations and implementation.

In What Order Should the Training be Taken?

Take the first three modules in the sequenced order. These core modules lead you through a track of program-wide basics. Completion of the first three modules in the sequenced order is a prerequisite for taking the remaining modules.

Once you've completed the core modules, take any modules that apply to your job. You're encouraged to complete all of the modules to gain an understanding of all aspects of the HOME Program.

Modules are divided into topics and include challenge questions and a module exam.

Return to the training for a refresher as needed.

How Do I Access the Training?

  1. 1 Select a module.
  2. 2 Log into or create your HUD Exchange account.
  3. 3 Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off. The training will launch in a new window.
  4. 4 Select and complete all the topics in a module. Take the module exam at the end of the module. After completing the exam and receiving your results, close the training window.
  5. 5 After completing each module, provide feedback.

How Do I Get Help with Accessing or Navigating the Training?

Please contact the HUD Exchange for any questions or help with the Building HOME Online Training, including technical issues.

How Do I Access Resources in the Training?

Throughout the modules, you’ll see links to additional resources.

You can also view all resources contained in all modules:

View All Resources

How Do I Stay Up to Date on the Training and HOME Program?

Sign up for the HOME Mailing List to receive updates on HOME trainings, news, resources, and more.