Building HOME
Building HOME

Building HOME Online Training

New to the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program? Experienced and want to deepen your knowledge of HOME requirements? This is the right training for you. Let's get started!

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  • graduation cap icon Engaging, self-paced training when you need it
  • training instructor icon Foundational training for government, nonprofit, for profit, and property management staff
  • document icon Guidance including notices, HOMEfires, and guides
  • exam icon Challenge questions and exams to test your understanding of the requirements


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Training Order: Take the first three modules in sequential order. These core modules lead you through a track of program-wide basics. Completion of the first three modules in the sequenced order is a prerequisite for taking the remaining modules.

Questions? If you have any questions about this training or encounter any technical issues, please contact us.

Module 1 Module 1
Module 1

Overview of the HOME Program

Module 1: Overview of the HOME Program

  • History and Goals
  • Allocation of Funds to PJs
  • Roles and Relationships
  • Policies and Procedures
Module 2 Module 2
Module 2

HOME Program Requirements

Module 2: HOME Program Requirements

  • Eligible and Ineligible Activities
  • Eligible Costs and Fees
  • Eligible Forms of Assistance
  • Subsidy Limits
  • Eligible Beneficiaries and Properties
  • Period of Affordability (POA)
Module 3 Module 3
Module 3

HOME Program Administration

Module 3: HOME Program Administration

  • Timelines and Deadlines
  • Commitments
  • Written Agreements
  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • Recordkeeping
  • Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS)
  • Uniform Administrative Requirements
  • Program Income, Recaptured Funds, Repayments, and Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Proceeds
Module 4 Module 4
Module 4

Homeowner Rehab Programs

Module 4: Homeowner Rehabilitation Programs

  • Homeowner Rehabilitation Activities and Costs
  • Forms of Financial Assistance
  • Eligible Property Types
  • Maximum Property Value
  • Applicant and Ownership Interest in Property


Module 5 Module 5
Module 5

Homebuyer Programs

Module 5: Homebuyer Programs

  • Overview of Homebuyer Programs
  • Activities and Eligible Costs
  • Requirements Related to the HOME-Assisted Properties and HOME-Assisted Buyers
  • Written Policies
  • Underwriting/Subsidy Layering
  • Nine-Month Sales Deadline in HOME
  • Long-Term Affordability
  • Recapture Provisions and Requirements
  • Resale Provisions and Requirements
Module 6 Module 6
Module 6

Rental Housing Activities

Module 6: Rental Housing Activities

  • Project Selection and Eligible Activities
  • Costs and Cost Allocation
  • Investing HOME Funds
  • Underwriting/Subsidy Layering
  • Market Assessment
  • Developer Capacity Review
  • Project Review Steps
  • Rent Limits
  • Occupancy and Affordability
  • Property Standards
Module 7 Module 7
Module 7

Long-term Compliance

Module 7: Rental Housing - Long-term Compliance

  • Rent Limits
  • Income and Tenant Issues
  • Maintaining Unit Mix
  • Monitoring Rental Housing
Module 8 Module 8
Module 8


Module 8: CHDOs

  • Overview of the CHDO Set-Aside Requirement
  • Eligible Uses of HOME Funds by CHDOs
  • CHDO Set-Aside Roles
  • Qualifying as a CHDO
  • Special Assistance to CHDOs
Module 9
Module 9


Module 9: TBRA

  • Program Administration
  • Types of TBRA
  • Ongoing Responsibilities
Module 10
Module 10

HOME Match

Module 10: HOME Match

  • Overview of Match Requirements
  • Eligible Sources of Match
  • Guidance to Help PJs Meet the Match Obligation
Module 11
Module 11

Reporting and IDIS

Module 11: Reporting and IDIS

  • Reporting
  • IDIS Reports as a Management Tool
Module 12
Module 12

Other Federal Requirements

Module 12: Other Federal Requirements

  • Nondiscrimination and Equal Access
  • Employment and Contracting
  • Environmental Review Requirements
  • Lead-Based Paint Requirements
  • Acquisition, Relocation, and Section 104(d)