Basically CDBG Online

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program has been a cornerstone of the affordable housing and community development industry since 1975. There are close to 1,300 CDBG state, entitlement, and insular area grantees across the U.S. This Basically CDBG Online curriculum provides a suite of information and tools to help CDBG grantees understand basic CDBG requirements and drill down into more nuanced issues related to the administration and implementation of the program.

Basically CDBG Online Overview

The Basically CDBG Online curriculum is intended to guide users through foundational CDBG topics, providing course content and supplemental information at various stages through the modules. Users can start at the beginning, with the History and Overview module, or go directly to the Financial Management module, for example. Basically CDBG Online incorporates a variety of modalities to deliver content in each module and component.

Basically CDBG Online incorporates a variety of modalities to deliver content in each module and component. The curriculum provides access to a variety of HUD resources on the CDBG program, including:

  • Manuals and toolkits
  • Recorded training session, webinars, animations, and YouTube
  • Quizzes to reinforce covered material
  • Project profiles


The primary objective of the Basically CDBG Online curriculum is to help CDBG grantees and subrecipients understand and comply with CDBG regulations and requirements.


The primary audiences for the curriculum are state and entitlement CDBG grantees and subrecipients.


The Basically CDBG Online curriculum includes 12 modules, and each module has four components:

  • Fundamentals. Provides overview of requirements, including recorded training sessions and links to other relevant content.
  • Topical Capacity Building. Explores common issues faced by grantees related to implementation and administration.
  • Reinforce. Includes quizzes to reinforce module content and project profiles to highlight uses of CDBG funds.
  • Applied Learning. Provides case study examples, tools and products, and other guidance materials to support application of course content.

We recommend that users complete the components in sequential order. Watch the training videos, then animations in each Topical Capacity Building component before completing the exercises in the Reinforce component, as the topics covered are linked.

Get Credit

A certificate of completion for each module of the training is available after successful completion of a knowledge check quiz. Click the "Get Credit" button at the end of each module to take the quiz and receive a certificate. Once all modules have been successfully completed, get credit for the entire Basically CDBG training.