Using HOME and HTF Funds within Opportunity Zones

Purpose and Goals

Grantees can use this Guidebook to educate themselves, OZ investors and developers, and other potential development partners about how HOME or HTF projects can be developed in OZs, and the benefits of doing so. Grantees can use this Guidebook, or chapters within it, as a:

  • Guide to enable grantees to think strategically about using HOME and HTF in OZs. It includes guidance on how to identify opportunities for investment, address key challenges, recruit potential OZ investors and development partners, and address key challenges when investing HOME and HTF in an OZ. Ideally, these steps will result in attracting long-term investment into economically distressed areas nationwide.
  • Learning tool for potential investors and development partners, providing chapters that review the key purposes and requirements of HOME and HTF.
  • Resource toolkit that provides centralized access to tools (technical guidance, key tips, checklists, etc.) and other resources about HOME, HTF, and OZs.