Nimby Assessment

Need the Provider is Attempting to Meet

This project is focused on providing affordable housing and services for single homeless adults. Most of the residents will be coming into the SRO either from a shelter or directly from the street.

The project will meet local demand for affordable housing for persons with incomes less than 30% of area median income. Heart in a Home will be establishing the prospective tenants' right to housing as a first step toward rehabilitation rather than as a reward for having committed to and implemented a case plan to get into housing.

In addition, Heart in a Home plans to provide support services on site, such as case management that includes referrals to mainstream benefits such as Social Security Income, Medicaid, and Food Stamps. Services will also include medication management, substance abuse counseling that includes Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and regularly scheduled counseling sessions.

Finally, Heart in a Home will provide "wrap around" services, which may be on or off site, such as job counseling, vocational training, job placement, mentoring with volunteers, meal preparation, assistance and transportation to medical appointments, psychiatric care, and crisis beds for residents who de-compensate and need short term hospitalization or 24 hour observation and support.

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