Nimby Assessment

Site Control Case Study

Project Background

Heart in a Home is a non profit developer of affordable housing. Many of the properties Heart in a Home develops are for single homeless adults with disabilities. The Board has a long range plan which projects the development of a 50-unit single room occupancy (SRO) facility in a downtown neighborhood. The population to be served will be single homeless adults, male and female, many of whom have disabilities.

Heart in a Home has a reasonably good track record of developing affordable housing in the outlying areas of the city. But it has never developed a property in the downtown area where competition for real estate is intense both in terms of price and timing. As development of the project proceeds, Heart in a Home encounters NIMBY‑related impediments associated with maintaining site control given a competitive real estate market, NIMBY sentiment among potential neighbors, and the erosion of financial support due to the influence of project opponents.

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