Nimby Assessment

Possible NIMBY-Related Impediments

The chief strategy of community members seeking to derail the Faith in Action project is to turn public opinion against Faith in Action by spreading fear about the prospective residents and the potential effects of having supportive housing in the downtown area.

Opponents’ fears concerning crime, drugs, and property values are threatening to obscure the actual benefits of the supportive housing project, thereby complicating the City’s decision to commit HOME funds and reducing overall public support. In addition, concerned business leaders are rallying support to buy the site, in order to prevent Faith in Action from moving forward with the development.

Click on the fear-related impediments listed below to learn more about these impediments and how Faith In Action could respond to community members’ claims that the project will:

Increase crime in the neighborhood.

Increase drug trafficking in the neighborhood.

Result in a reduction in property values.

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