Nimby Assessment

Managing Community Concerns Case Study

Projects can encounter NIMBY-related project impediments when members of the community are fearful of how the presence of a project designed to serve homeless persons will affect their community. To learn more about how projects overcome challenges related to fear within the community, read the following case study and click on the links at the bottom of the page for in-depth information and analysis.

Project Background

Faith in Action, a faith-based group, proposes to use a mix of public and private financing to rehabilitate an abandoned building in the downtown area of a medium-sized city to establish 64 units of permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless men and women with disabilities.

Project Challenge

If approved, the agency could charge as little as $292 per month for rent and utilities for the single-room occupancy (SRO) units, which compares favorably to the cost of existing public and assisted housing in the city. The Faith in Action SRO would also provide a critical reentry point for people who have been homeless. Each will have to be clean and sober, pass a criminal background check that screens for violent crime, and be engaged in a job, job training, or education program.

Notwithstanding the program requirements, neighbors and business leaders in the surrounding neighborhood object to the project, claiming that its presence will increase crime and drug trafficking and lead to a reduction in property values. Business leaders are also said to be rallying support to buy the site in order to prevent Faith in Action from moving forward with the development.

Items to Consider

To assess the conditions facing Faith in Action, and to properly guide its decisions about how to proceed, it is essential to consider the following factors:

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