Nimby Assessment

The Intake and Risk Assessment Questionnaire

The Intake and Risk Assessment Questionnaire determines what types of NIMBY issues your organization may encounter and the extent of your organization's willingness to take risks to bring your proposed project to fruition.

Once you answer the intake portion of the questionnaire, the system will lead you to the case studies that are most relevant to your organization. Depending upon how you answered the questions, the system will automatically assign your organization either as High Risk, Medium Risk, or Low Risk.

Once you are assigned a risk category, when you look at individual case studies, you should select the risk tolerance link from the left hand side bar menu and choose the link to the risk level that the risk assessment questionnaire assigns to your organization. Remember, the information you will read on these pages are recommendations. You may wish to read the information for the other risk levels as well as the one assigned to your organization through this tool.

High Risk

If your organization has high risk tolerance, it is likely to be driven as much by principle as by practicality in terms of its approach to development. As a result, its focus is on rights enforcement and it is willing to be involved in a substantial amount of controversy, in order to create a future development environment that will be more tolerant of affordable housing for people with disabilities.

Medium Risk

A medium risk organization is one that would be more inclined to take its case to the general public and to elected officials. Understanding that broad public support can be critical in overcoming community resistance, such an agency would likely focus its resources on aggressive use of media and substantial investment in public coalition building.

Low Risk

A low risk organization has a lower tolerance for risk. Such an organization places a high priority on creating and maintaining an atmosphere of good will and collaboration, both for the current project and for its future efforts.

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