Nimby Assessment

Possible NIMBY-Related Impediments

Among a growing group of activist neighbors, there is virulent opposition to the project. As time passes more people are recruited to join the opposition, and they are employing additional strategies to stop the project. Recent arson at the site has further galvanized neighbors, fearful of an escalation in violence.

Since fear alone is not enough to stop the program, opponents are trying to make the case that it would be fiscally irresponsible to continue with the project, due to increased costs of construction. They are also making some progress convincing local legislators that the project will likely result in an increase in costs to local taxpayers, claiming that the state's funding commitment is short-term, and will soon be withdrawn due to a looming state budget deficit.

Click on the NIMBY-related funding barriers listed below to learn more about how ABC, Inc. could respond to the following:

Neighbors lobbying state and local politicians to deny capital and operating funds.

Proposed renovation costs exceed allowable cost caps due to vandalism to the property.

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