Housing Search Assistance Toolkit

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Landlord Outreach and Recruitment Resources

The documents provided below can assist you in reaching out to and cultivating relationships with landlords. Keep in mind that the documents are samples, and that you will need to tailor them to reflect your organization's needs and services.

  • Tips for Working with Landlords. This page provides suggestions for recruiting and cultivating relationships with landlords. The suggestions are based on the experiences of organizations around the country that have been providing housing search assistance for hard-to-place individuals. The page offers ideas on how to identify landlords for your program, what types of landlords to target, what types of assurances landlords are looking for, and how to stay in their "good graces."
  • Landlord Benefits Checklist. This checklist outlines the benefits landlords receive from working with a housing search program. (The checklist provides examples and would have to be tailored according to the services your program provides.) The checklist could be used as a marketing tool to advertise your program to potential landlords. Housing advocates could also use the information as talking points when calling or meeting with prospective partners.
  • Landlord Marketing Letter. This marketing letter can be used separately or with the Landlord Benefits Checklist to advertise your program to landlords in your community.
  • Landlord Information Template. Using this form will allow your agency to collect information about landlords in your community as well as the type of housing that is available. It is important to note, however, that many communities either have or are in the process of creating a housing inventory database. If you live in one of these communities, there are probably forms and procedures in place for collecting information and populating the database.
  • Landlord-Tenant-Case Manager Communication Agreement. This communication agreement can be used to promote open communication between the landlord, tenant, and case manager/housing advocate and to address problems before they become irreparable.

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