About the Disaster Recovery Tools and Templates Library


The Disaster Recovery Tools and Templates Library, or the Library, provides resources that can help Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) and CDBG Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) grantees prepare for, design, and implement their programs. The Library is a comprehensive and centralized location where grantees and the public can access model tools, templates, and training materials. HUD’s goal in compiling a comprehensive repository of resources is to streamline a grantee’s ability to build its capacity in implementing disaster recovery and mitigation programs.

What’s Included

The Library includes materials that Technical Assistance (TA) providers have created through direct TA engagements with grantees and that grantees have used to implement their programs. For example, the Library includes sample grant agreements and contracts, worksheets to support duplication of benefits and other analyses, various checklists, and other implementation tools. It also includes program guidance that helps explain and clarify HUD notices, rules, and regulations. Specifically, the Library includes:

  • Model agreements
  • Calculation worksheets
  • Implementation checklists
  • FAQs and guidance materials
  • Policies & procedures
  • Requests for proposals
  • Webinars & training materials

What’s Not Included

While there are many types of materials included in the Library, some items are not included, such as:

How to Use the Library

There are several ways to use the Library. Library users may:

Browse by phase: The Library organizes resources under four different phases of disaster recovery or mitigation grant implementation. By browsing the phases, grantees can learn more about the stages of grant implementation and the work completed under each phase. The phases are:

  • Pre-agreement: Period between the announcement of an allocation and the execution of a grant agreement.
  • Launch: Period in which grantee develops policies and procedures, hires staff, develops agreements with partners and subrecipients and completes all necessary systems development to support program operations.
  • Implementation: Period in which grantees and subrecipients are actively delivering programs and completing construction activities.
  • Close-out: Period when activities are nearing completion and the grantee begins the process of final reporting to HUD on outcomes.

Keyword search: Library users may enter keywords into the search bar. The search function will return documents containing the keywords or that have been tagged with the keyword.

Filter by resource attributes: The Library resources have been tagged by grant type, phase, program area, and topic area. Library users can apply additional filters to find resources. For example, by selecting the filters “CDBG-DR” and “Launch” and “Housing Rehabilitation,” it will narrow the search to housing rehabilitation materials typically developed during the launch phase of a CDBG-DR program.

Browse topic pages: Each subpage in the Library contains a short description for a specific topic or program area. The descriptions are designed to help grantees understand the topic or program area in the context of disaster recovery and mitigation programs.

How to Request Technical Assistance

If you are a grantee and would like to request technical assistance to assist with using a resource you find in the Library, contact your Grant Manager or CPD Representative.

For general questions about the Disaster Recovery Library, contact us.