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HUD Employment Audio Lecture Series

Date Published: July 2008



This audio lecture series is designed to help CoCs, homeless assistance providers, and employment assistance agencies develop effective strategies and practices in addressing the employment needs of homeless persons. This series will include nine audio lectures as well as accompanying materials which will be posted as they become available. These materials target specific audiences and build upon one another creating a full curriculum on how to improve employment outcomes for homeless persons.

HUD Employment Lecture 1: Integrating Vocational Assessment in Client Service Planning

HUD Employment Lecture 2: Outreach and Employment

HUD Employment Lecture 3: Using an Integrated Services Approach to Engage Clients in Employment, Housing, and Treatment

HUD Employment Lecture 4: Employment Programs in Action

HUD Employment Lecture 5: Work Incentives

HUD Employment Lecture 6: Homeless and Hiring - Employer Perspectives

HUD Employment Lecture 7: Employment Retention: Customization and Other Strategies

HUD Employment Lecture 8: Employment Services for Homeless Veterans

HUD Employment Lecture 9: Employment Services for Homeless Ex-Offenders

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  • Advocates for Human Potential
  • ICF
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