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HOME-ARP Allocation Plan Handouts


Date Published: March 2023


Each HOME Investment Partnerships American Rescue Plan Program (HOME-ARP) Allocation Plan Handout addresses a topic related to the HOME-ARP Allocation Plan development process. These handouts were created as reference materials for the HOME-ARP Allocation Plan virtual and in-person problem solving clinics from December 2022 – March 2023.

Each handout outlines a different aspect of the allocation plan requirements:

  • HOME-ARP: Public Participation Requirements Handout – This handout outlines the public participation process and required steps and offers best practices for broadening public participation and demonstrating compliance in their allocation plan
  • HOME-ARP: Consultation Handout – This handout summarizes the consultation process and requirements, offers best practices for consideration, suggests questions to ask during consultation meetings, and identifies organizations/agencies to consider for consultation
  • HOME-ARP: Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis Handout – This handout outlines the Needs Assessment and Gaps Analysis requirements for completing a HOME-ARP allocation plan and identifies suggested data resources to describe the size and demographic composition of HOME-ARP Qualifying Populations (QPS)
  • HOME-ARP: Preferences, Methods of Prioritization, and Limitations Handout – This handout distinguishes between HOME-ARP preferences, methods of prioritization, and limitations, and provides examples of each. The handout outlines allocation plan requirements that pertain to preferences, provides best practices for PJs consideration, and identifies common allocation plan mistakes for PJs to avoid

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