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Date Published: March 2023


Eva is an open-source project intended for local use by HMIS Administrators in Continuums of Care (CoCs) around the U.S. and its territories. Eva is designed to help you assess the accuracy of your HMIS data and its completeness (which was not covered by the previous DQ tool).

Eva includes several enhancements from its predecessor including new Project Descriptor Data Elements (PDDEs) checker, visual summaries of data quality issues at the system and organization level, exports at the system and organization level, and incorporation of many of the data quality checks described in the HMIS Reporting Glossary.

The shift to a web-based platform has allowed for increased accessibility, increased cloud-based processing power, better version control and more transparent programming.

Use of this tool is not required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The previous Excel-based version of the data quality tool will still be available but will no longer be supported.

Using Eva

Eva is a web-based tool through an R package called Shiny. To use Eva, upload a hashed version of an HMIS CSV to the tool. Eva will only accept hashed HMIS CSVs. If you are unsure of how to generate a hashed version of the HMIS CSV, contact your HMIS vendor.

Providing Feedback

Users can provide feedback or report issues regarding Eva by reporting an issue through Abt GitHub. To add a new issue, click the "New Issue" button at the right-hand side of the page.

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