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Community Support to Gather Feedback on Proposed Changes to HMIS Data Elements


Date Published: October 2022


With strong encouragement from people with lived homeless experience, providers, and policymakers, a need was recognized to update the race, ethnicity, and gender data elements. As a Technical Assistance (TA) effort, people with lived homeless experience and expertise, Continuum of Care (CoC) leadership and providers, researchers, advocates, and TA providers shared insight to help evaluate these data elements. This effort resulted in proposed changes to the data elements based on diverse perspectives and opinions, and shaped new resources to better recognize that communities are working with real people for whom homelessness is a severe crisis. These new resources explore how homelessness intersects with racial, ethnic, and gender identities.

Now, communities are being offered the opportunity to provide feedback to bring a much broader representation of voices to this effort. Communities that participate should gather feedback on these options outside of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) with the people they are serving.

Data Element Update Resources

Additional Resources

Providing Feedback

Please provide the feedback received no later than December 31, 2022 to HUD. To submit feedback, use the HUD Exchange AAQ portal and select "HMIS: Homelessness Management Information System" for the "My question is related to:" prompt. Different people will have different feedback that may contradict but be open to all responses and share those responses with HUD. Contextualize the feedback if there are contradictions; for instance, if the majority of the people talked to prefer the recommended changes but a small number do not, clarify whether that small group represents a specific group in your community.

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